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LED AR111 Bulbs

AR111 LED Light Bulbs

Tired of having to constantly replace halogen bulbs in your track lighting, recessed can lights, or display lighting? Consider changing them out for a longer-lasting alternative such as LED AR111 bulbs. AR111 LED replacements provide accent and display lighting for a wide variety of applications including art galleries, museums, retail stores, and hotels. AR111 LED bulbs can also be used in outdoor fixtures as well if they are enclosed fixture rated.

Flood Degrees

LED AR111 G53 bulbs are available in several different beam angles:

  • A typical flood light of 36 to 40 degrees can be used for general lighting. It covers a wide area and can be used to illuminate large display areas.
  • With a beam angle of 25 degrees, a narrow flood covers a slightly smaller area than a flood light, and can be used to create pools of light around merchandise.
  • A narrow spot light of 9 degrees and lower creates a focused beam that can be used to draw customer's attention to certain areas or objects.

AR111 LED lamps are available in several Kelvin color temperatures. Kelvin is used to describe the color of the light. A bulb with a 2700 Kelvin warm white light emits a yellowish light that is similar to that of incandescents. It can be used in areas where you want to create a more comfortable atmosphere. Halogen white bulbs at 3000 Kelvin produce a whiter light that can be used for general task lighting around homes and especially in kitchens. A 4000 Kelvin cool white light helps improve visibility and is commonly used in office settings. A 5000 Kelvin bulb delivers a stark white light and can be used to display merchandise, art work, and jewelry.

What are the benefits to using AR111 LED lamps?

AR111 LED lamps have a longer lifespan than their halogen counterparts, reducing the need to replace hard-to-reach bulbs. Thanks to LED technology, LED AR111 lamps generate less heat making them more suitable for sensitive displays such as food and artwork. If used outdoors, these bulbs can be used to highlight architecture and landscaping. Many are also available with a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90 or more. Lamps with a high CRI are able to more accurately portray colors and skin tone, making skin tones appear brighter and more natural.

How do you install LED AR11s

LED AR111 G53 bulbs are fairly easy to install. The lamp must first be wired to the socket. To do this, attach the two wires from the socket to the two push screws on the base using a screwdriver. Once the wires are firmly attached, you simply push the bulb down into the socket.

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