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LED AR111 Bulbs - High CRI 90+

Reduce the time and money spent replacing halogen AR111 bulbs by making the switch to these longer lasting LED AR111 high CRI bulbs from!

Outperforming similar halogen bulbs used in track, display, and recessed lighting, LED AR111 bulbs lower energy costs. These bulbs generate less heat, making them an ideal choice for heat-sensitive lighting applications. LED AR111 bulbs can also be used for landscape lighting if the bulbs are enclosed rated. These LED AR111 bulbs have a high color rendering index (CRI) or 90 or higher. The light from these high CRI LED AR111 bulbs make colors appear brighter and more natural. High CRI bulbs are used when objects needs to look their very best. Common applications include jewelry stores, high-end retail stores, museums, and art galleries.

Beam Angle and Color Temperature Options

LED AR111 high CRI bulbs several beam angle options, including narrow spot, narrow flood, and flood. Narrow spot bulbs have a beam angle of 10 degrees or less and are used to focus attention on objects or areas. Narrow flood bulbs have a 25-degree beam angle and are used to create pools of light. Food bulbs have a 36 to 40-degree beam angle and are used for ambient lighting.

High CRI LED AR111 bulbs also have a variety of color temperature options. Color temperature is the color of the light produced by the bulb and is measured in Kelvin. 2700 Kelvin bulbs produce a light that is similar in appearance to incandescents. For light that is a halogen match, look for 3000 Kelvin bulbs. 4000 Kelvin bulbs produce cool white light that can help reduce eye strain, while daylight 5000 Kelvin helps improve visibility.

Warm Dimming

Some LED AR111 high CRI bulbs feature warm dimming capabilities. While traditional dimming decreases the brightness of the light, warm dimming gradually lowers the color temperature. Bulbs will start out at a higher Kelvin and gradually lower into a warmer Kelvin. For example, and halogen white 3000 Kelvin can be decreased into a very warm 2400 Kelvin light. This unique twist on dimming replicates the relaxing and comforting feel of sunrise and sunset.

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