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Area Light and Flood Fixture Accessories

Are you installing new parking lot or security lights? Complete your installation with these area light and flood fixture accessories from!

Photo Controls

Photo controls, or photocells, are sunlight detecting sensors that automatically turn fixtures on or off depending on the time of day. Fixtures will come on at sunset and turn off again at sunrise, ensuring the lights are only on at night and eliminating the need to manually control the lights. Photo controls are available in several mounting types including stem mount, fixed position, stem and swivel, and locking-type. Be sure to pair LED compatible photo controls with LED fixtures.

LED Surge Protectors

Provide an added layer of protection against voltage spikes with LED surge protectors. Voltage spikes are caused by a variety of factors, such as lightning strikes and power grid fluctuations, and can potentially damage sensitive electronics. This can lead to high maintenance and replacement costs. LED surge protectors help reduce the risk of damage by either blocking or absorbing a spike before it reaches the electronics inside the fixture.

Fixture Mounts and Adapters

Various mounts and adapters are available for area lights and flood fixtures. Mounting arms attach to the sides of round and square poles, presenting a clean look. Slipfitters fit over the pole and are adjustable, allowing you change the angle of the fixture up to 90 degrees. Featuring multiple arms, bullhorns attach to the top of the pole and allow you to mount multiple fixtures. Trunnion mounts can be used to mount fixtures on poles or walls. Some of these mounts are adjustable, allowing you to aim the light as needed. Tenon mounts are available in several types. Adapters allow for the use of round pole slipfitters on square poles, while reducers decrease the diameter of the pole. Wall mount tenons attach directly to walls and other flat surfaces.

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