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LED BR Bulbs

Lower your energy and replacement costs by replacing incandescent and halogen BR bulbs with these more efficient and longer lasting LED BR bulbs from!

LED BR bulbs are generally used in track and recessed lights for ambient lighting. They produce a diffused wide flood ideal for covering large areas. For a sharper light that is more focused, you will need to use LED PAR lamps. LED BR lamps are very similar in design to LED R (reflector) lamps. While both types of bulbs use mirrored reflectors to boost light output, LED BR (bulged reflectors) bulbs have an additional reflector in the neck that gives it a slight bulged appearance.

BR20 Bulbs

Like most light, BR20 refers to a code used to describe the bulb. The “BR” stands for bulged reflector, which is the mirror-like coating found on the inside of this type of bulb, and the “20” refers to the size of the bulb. BR20 bulbs are used in flood light fixtures, track lighting, or recessed can light fixtures. Our selection of BR20 LED light bulbs are available in a wide range of color temperatures from warm white light that resembles traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs to cooler white lights. We also carry BR20 LED flood light bulbs with warm dimming capabilities which dims down, not just in light output, but color temperature from 2700K to 2200K.

BR30 Bulbs

LED BR30 light bulbs are commonly used in track lighting, recessed can lights, and as outdoor flood lights if they are wet-location rated. While BR20 bulbs are likely to have a narrower beam angle, the BR30 bulbs offer more versatility. Commonly, BR30s have a 120-degree beam angle, but you can find spot lights available without having to switch to a smaller sized bulb. With the broad beam spread, LED BR30 bulbs are a good choice for wall washing or wall grazing techniques. These LED BR30 bulbs are a replacement for incandescent and CFL reflector bulbs and are available in a range of color temperatures, which affects how warm or cool a space looks. If you're trying to match the look of incandescent bulbs, the 2700K category is the closest. For a brighter white or task lighting applications, consider 4000K and above.

BR40 Bulbs

BR40 bulbs are designed for use in track lighting, recessed can light fixtures, and flood light fixtures. These LED BR40 light bulbs are designed to replace traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs while using substantially less power but still producing a similarly bright light to help you save money on energy cost. They also last longer and turn on instantly to provide you years of quality light. Our BR40 and R40 bulbs are available in a range of Lumen outputs, beam angles, brands, and dimmable options. We offer these LED BR40 bulbs in color temperatures from warm white to closely resemble incandescent and halogen bulbs to cooler whites that have been proven to improve productivity and reduce eye strain. Our BR40s also include bulbs with warm dimming capability to dim from 2700 Kelvin light to an even warmer 2200 Kelvin light.

LED BR Bulb Color Temperature Options

Unlike incandescent and halogen bulbs, LED BR lamps have several color temperature options available. Used to describe the color of the light produced, color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K). For a light that is a true match to the look and feel of incandescents, choose 2400K bulbs. Warm white 2700K bulbs are slightly warmer and create a cozy atmosphere. 3000 to 3500K halogen white bulbs deliver a light similar in appearance to halogen bulbs. This warm light gives lobbies, waiting areas, and hallways a welcoming feel. For brighter light ideal for task lighting, look for 4000 to 5000K bulbs. These lights produce a cooler light with a more bluish tint. Cool white 4000K lighting helps reduce eye strain and creates a clean appearance, while 5000K is similar to daylight and improves visibility.

Warm Dimming

Some LED BR bulbs have warm dimming capabilities. This twist on traditional dimming recreates the warmth of sunrise and sunset by gradually lowering the color temperature of the bulb into a warmer color. For example, a bulb starting halogen white 3200 Kelvin bulb could lower into a candlelight 1800 Kelvin glow.

High CRI BR Bulbs

For applications requiring accurate colors, use high CRI LED BR bulbs. CRI, or color rending index, is the measure of how accurately a bulb can render color as compared to the sun. To be considered a high CRI bulb, the CRI must be 90 or higher. These bulbs will make colors appear brighter and more accurate, and is most noticeable on skin tones and reds.

Where to Use LED BR Bulbs

LED BR lamps can be used anywhere ambient light is needed. Common applications include lighting hallways, kitchens, offices, lobbies, and living areas. High CRI bulbs are used in art galleries, museums, and high-end retailed stores to highlight the true colors of art, jewelry, and merchandise. LED BR bulbs are also popular choices wall washing and wall grazing applications. Wall washing is a lighting technique that evenly illuminates walls from top to bottom, emphasizing architecture and making the room look larger. Wall grazing exaggerates shadows to emphasize texture and create a dramatic look.

Always check the ratings before choosing an LED BR bub. Ratings indicate where the lamps can be safely used. When using LED BR bulbs outdoors where they are exposed to the weather, they must be rated for wet locations. These bulbs are made to withstand direct contact with water. Damp locations rated bulbs can come into contact with humidity, but should not come into direct contact with water. If used outdoors, these bulbs must be used in a protected location.

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