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BR40 LED Light Bulbs

Benefits of Using LED R40 & LED BR40 Bulbs

BR40 and R40 bulbs are designed for use in track lighting, recessed can light fixtures, and flood light fixtures. These LED light bulbs are designed to replace traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs while using substantially less power but still producing a similarly bright light to help you save money on energy cost. They also last longer and turn on instantly to provide you years of quality light. Our BR40 and R40 bulbs are available in a range of Lumen outputs, beam angles, brands, and dimmable options. Check out our Lighting Guide to help you decide the right Kelvin color temperature for your application.

Color Temperature Options

We offer these LED light bulbs in color temperatures from warm white to closely resemble incandescent and halogen bulbs to cooler whites that have been proven to improve productivity and reduce eye strain. Our BR40s also include bulbs with warm dimming capability to dim from 2700 Kelvin light to an even warmer 2200 Kelvin light. For applications that require truer color, browse our selection of bulbs with high color rendering. These bulbs have a CRI of 90+ to help make colors appear more saturated and whites appear whiter.

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