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LED Chandelier Bulbs - 25 Watt Equal

25-watt equivalent LED chandelier bulbs use less energy, but produce the same illumination as 25-watt incandescent bulbs. As their name suggests, they work well for chandeliers and are also great for up-lighting and wall-lighting applications like wall sconces. 25W-equal LED flame-tip chandelier bulbs are also a popular choice, providing the same energy savings in a compact shape that mimics the look of a flame. This adds another decorative element to chandeliers and is perfect for open sconces.

LED chandelier bulbs come in either a medium or candelabra base and are available in a range of color temperatures. The lower the kelvin (K), the warmer, more yellow or orange the light from the bulb will be. 2700K is similar to the light output of incandescent bulbs. Use our Lighting Guide">Lighting Guide to see how different color temperatures change the look of a room.