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LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas Lights

Compared to traditional incandescent lights, these lights use less energy and allow you to create longer runs of light. LED Christmas lights feature a single piece molded construction to protect the strings from water entering the sockets when used outside. The bulbs cannot be replaced, but if a bulb does go out the string will still stay lit. LED light strings are cool to the touch and are available in a variety of shapes.

LED Mini Light Strings

Brighter than incandescent strings, LED mini light strings can be used for projects throughout the year. Ideal for decorating greenery, these lights can also be used as accent lighting for parties and events. For setting up large displays quickly, professional installer packs are available.

C7 LED String Lights

Capture the look and feel of classic holiday lighting with C7 LED string lights. Decorate fences, trees, and garlands with ease by connecting multiple strands together. After Christmas is over, these lights can be used to decorate gazeebos, patios, weddings, and more.

C9 LED String Lights

Whether decorating for Christmas or a party, enjoy the nostalgic look of C9 LED string lights. With a bulb shape larger than a C7, these strings can be seen from a distance, making them ideal for rooflines, door frames, fences, and more.

C6 LED String Lights

Use C6 LED string lights to add some sparkle to your decorations throughout the year. These lights have strawberry shaped bulbs that are slightly smaller than C7s. Multiple strings can be connected together from end to end to wrap garlands, topiaries, and more.

LED Replacement Bulbs

Replace old bulbs or create a custom light string with LED replacement bulbs. For use with stringers and spools, these bulbs are available in C7s, C9s, and globes. If you are not sure which size bulbs you have, you can quickly measure the base of the old bulb. C7s have a base measuring 12 mm and can be used in candelabra (E12) sockets, while C9s measure 17 mm and fit intermediate (E17) sockets.

LED Icicle Light Strings

Accent your eves, railings, and widows with LED icicle light strings. Designed with a white wire, these lights have multiple drop lengths for a more natural appearance. For light viewable from all directions, look for icicle lights with wide angle bulbs. For a more realistic icicle look that appears to shimmer, choose lights with faceted bulbs.

LED Net Lights

Easily add lights to your shrubs and bushes using LED net lights. These lights have bulbs spaced evenly apart for uniform lighting. Net lights can also be used to wrap tree trunks, arches, and columns. For a unique look for events and parties, suspend net lights in the air to create a lighted canopy.

Wide Angle LED Battery Powered Lights

With no power cords to plug in, wide angle LED battery powered lights can be used for many projects around your home. Enhance the look of greenery on mantels, banisters, and centerpieces or use lights with a white wire to create beautiful wedding decorations.

Mini LED Battery Powered Lights

If you don't have an outlet nearby, don't worry. Light your decorations and craft projects with mini LED battery powered lights. These lights can be used any time of year to light centerpieces, DIY chandeliers, and more without unsightly power cords.

InvisiLite LED Supernova Lights

Add stunning illumination to holiday decor and craft projects with InvisiLite LED supernova lights. These battery-operated lights feature wire branches tipped with small LEDs that can be discretely nestled into greenery. Supernova lights have a timer to help conserve battery life and six different functions including shimmer, chaser, and steady glow.

InvisiLite LED Light Strings

For indoor projects where you don't want visible wiring, use InvisiLite LED light strings. These lights are designed with tear-drop shaped LEDs embedded on a thin green wire that is easy to conceal in greenery. Viewable from any angle, InvisiLite LED strings operate on batteries and some strings have functions such as twinkling and phasing.

Diogen Light Strings

Do you want to install Christmas lights that can be left out year round? Diogen light strings have commercial grade wire and use coaxial connects to create a water tight seal for end to end connections. These lights are available with C7, C9, and traditional shaped faceted bulbs. A non-rectified plug adapter is required and is sold separately.

Professional Multiple Plug-In LED Curtain Lights

Are you planning a wedding or other event? Consider using LED curtain lights. Sold by the strand, these lights plug into a light bar to create beautiful curtains of light. Choose between strings that are steady on or twinkle. Don't forget to purchase the curtain weights to keep the strands of the curtain hanging straight.

12V LED Auto and Boat Light Strings

Spread the holiday cheer to your car, boat, or RV with 12V LED light strings. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these light strings can plug into a 12V DC power outlet or a cigarette lighter.

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