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Flush Mount - Surface Mount LED Downlights

Mounting flush to the ceiling for a modern look, these round and square LED downlights are far more energy efficient than incandescent can lights. There are no bulbs to replace, helping reduce time and money spent changing out lamps. For brighter colors and more natural skin tones, choose lights with a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90 or more. Some surface mount LED downlights can be paired with compatible dimmers to control the light output. Dimming these fixtures can help further reduce energy costs and extend the life of the fixture. For more energy savings, look for fixtures that are Energy Star certified.


Square and round surface mount LED downlight modules install to new or existing J-boxes. Installation is quick and easy, taking only a few minutes. Many fixtures use a bracket that covers the opening of the J-box. Once the wiring is connected and the bracket is mounted in place, the downlight simply clips in. Instead of a bracket, some fixtures attach directly to the J-box with screws. Some downlight modules have the additional option of installing to recessed cans with the included hardware or with a separate accessory kit.

Tips for Choosing Surface Mount LED Downlights

When browsing for surface mounted LED downlights, check the color temperature. Describing the color of the light, color temperature plays a large part in how a room looks and feels. Add a warm, cozy light to living rooms and bedrooms with a downlight producing a 2700K light. If your rooms are decorated with more earthy tones or you want to create a welcoming feel in lobbies, look for a 3000K downlight. 4000K delivers a cool white light that helps reduce eye strain and is commonly used in kitchens and offices.

Checking the location ratings will tell you where it is safe to use the downlight. Use damp location rated downlight modules in areas where moisture and humidly are present in the air, such as bathrooms and covered porches. For installation over showers, roof overhangs, and other applications where the fixture will come in direct contact with water, use a surface mount LED downlight that is rated for wet locations.

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