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LED Exit Signs

What Color Do Exit Signs Have to Be?

Do you know whether your exit sign needs to be white with green lettering or black with red lettering? The color of the physical sign can blend in with the surrounding decor as long as the sign itself is clearly visible (white for light ceilings or walls) but you could choose to make the sign more pronounced by using a contrasting color. Federal law dictates the placement and size of the lettering, allowing States and governing municipalities to decide the color of the lettering. Some states require one color over the other, while most only recommend one color or allow it to be decided by the municipalities. These regulations are subject to change, so we recommend checking with your local fire marshal before adding exit signs to new construction or remodel projects. You can read more about exit sign colors in our blog post: Red or Green? Don't Buy the Wrong Exit Sign.

Benefits of LED Exit Signs

Compared to incandescent exit signs that use up to 40-Watts, LED exit signs can use as few as 1.5-Watts for single face units. Most LED exit signs do not exceed 5-Watts but may if the unit also has emergency lights on the side or a light bar underneath. LED exit signs can last up to 25 years, drastically reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Additional Features of LED Exit Signs

LED exit signs may include a battery backup or may be battery-operated instead of hard-wired. Usually, exit signs with a battery backup are designed to last 90 minutes or longer to assist anyone left in the building even during a power outage. Standalone units need to be tested yearly, while hard-wired LED exit signs should be tested monthly. You can reduce maintenance costs by installing self-testing exit signs. These LED exit signs perform scheduled checks every thirty days, so a visual inspection of the status indicator is the only monthly maintenance required, as opposed to a manual check lasting a minimum of 30 seconds.

Some LED exit signs have knockouts on either side of the letters. When removed, the knockouts show a left or right arrow to help people navigate to the exits. Not all LED exit signs have knockouts as the fire code only requires arrows in some cases. For more information, check with your local fire marshal.

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