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LED Vintage Silver Bowl Bulbs


LED Antique Silver Bowl Bulbs

Add vintage appeal to your pendant fixtures by using LED antique silver bowl bulbs. Featuring vertical filaments to replicate the look of turn of the century lighting, these decorative bulbs have a chrome finish on the top half of the bulb that redirects the light back into the fixture to reduce harsh glare. LED antique silver bowl bulbs use less energy and last longer than incandescents, helping reduce energy and replacement costs. The light output of LED antique silver bowl bulbs is color matched to incandescents to provide a warm, welcoming glow.

Bulb Shapes

LED antique silver bowl bulbs are available in A19s and globe shapes. A19 bulbs are the standard household bulbs shape you're familiar with. Globe bulbs are recognizable by their round shape and can be found in a variety of sizes, indicted by the number following the 'G' in the name. G25 globes, for example, will have a diameter of around 3.1 inches.

Where to Use LED Antique Silver Bowl Bulbs

LED silver bowl bulbs are primarily used in pendants and can provide accent lighting in hotel lobbies or Illuminate tabletops in cafes, restaurants, and your kitchen island or dining room table. LED antique silver bowl bulbs can also be used on covered porches as long as they are protected from direct contact with water.

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