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MR LED Bulbs

Remove old halogen MR bulbs in your track, recessed, and landscape lighting and replace them with more efficient LED MR bulbs from!

LED MR bulbs last longer than their halogen predecessors to help lower maintenance and replacement costs. Like their halogen predecessors, these bulbs use multifaceted reflectors to focus the light. These bulbs also generate less heat, making them a good pick for sensitive lighting projects. LED MR bulbs come in a variety of sizes, including MR16s, MR11s, and MR8s. MR16s, the most common, measure 2 inches in diameter and have either a GU5.3 or GU10 base. Bulbs with a GU5.3 base typically operate on 12 Volts, while GU10 bases use 120 Volts.

Some LED MR bulbs are dimmable when paired with compatible dimmers. Bulbs with warm dimming capabilities are designed to replicate the feel of sunrise and sunset. These LED bulbs gradually lower the color temperature into a warmer temperature to create a cozy atmosphere. LED MR bulbs with additional certifications such as Energy Star and JA8 meet stricter efficiency standards, providing additional energy savings. These bulbs may also qualify for state or local rebates.

Beam Angle

LED MR bulbs produce a directional light in varying beam angles:

  • Narrow Spot – beam angle of less than 10 degrees
  • Spot – 15 degree beam angle
  • Narrow Flood – 25 degree angle
  • Flood – 36 degree beam angle
  • Wide Flood – beam angle greater than 50 degrees
  • Narrow spot and spot bulbs produce smaller beam angles, making them better suited for task and accent lighting. The larger beams angles of narrow flood, flood, and wide flood are more commonly used for ambient and security lighting.

    Color Temperature Options

    Color temperature, measured in Kelvin, describes the color of the light produced by the bulb. Warm white 2700 Kelvin light delivers a yellowish light that is a close match to incandescent lamps. 3000 to 3500 Kelvin light emits a halogen white light that is a close match to halogens. Use bulbs in this Kelvin range if you wish to keep the look of your original MR16s bulbs. Cool white 4000 Kelvin and daylight 5000 Kelvin light produce a cooler light that is bluer in appearance, making them better for task and display lighting.

    High CRI Lighting

    Color rendering index, or CRI, is the measurement of how accurately a bulb is able to render color as compared to the midday sun. Most LED bulbs will have a CRI in the 80s, which is considered standard. High CRI bulbs, however, have a CRI or 90 or higher. These bulbs make colors appear brighter and more accurate, making them a better choice for applications where color accuracy is a must.

    Applications for LED MR Bulbs

    LED MR bulbs can be used in a variety of residential and commercial applications, including desk lamps, track lights, pendant fixtures, landscape bullets, and display cabinets. High CRI bulbs are commonly used to showcase paintings in art galleries, sculptures in museums, and merchandise in retail and jewelry stores. Colored MR16 bulbs can add subtle color to draw attention to landscaping, decor, or displays.

    Always pay attention to ratings and certifications of LED MR bulbs. These indicate where the bulbs can be safely used. Damp location bulbs can be used in moisture-rich areas such as bathrooms, but cannot come into direct contact with water. Wet location bulbs can come into direct contact with water. Enclosed fixtures must use enclosed rated LED MR bulbs. These bulbs are designed to withstand heat buildup due to the lack of airflow into the fixture.

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