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LED - PAR38 - 120W Equal - High CRI

Swap out incandescent and halogen lamps with these longer lasting 120 Watt equal LED PAR38 high CRI bulbs to reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

These LED PAR38 bulbs deliver the same amount of light output as similar 120 Watt lamps while using a fraction of the energy, further reducing costs. Featuring a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90 or higher, these bulbs make colors appear brighter and more accurate. High CRI bulbs are used where objects need to look their best. Common applications include lighting paintings in art galleries, showcasing merchandise in high-end retail stores, and displaying pieces in museums.

120 Watt equal LED PAR38 high CRI bulbs are available with various beam angles ranging from narrow spot (less than 10 degrees) to wide flood (over 50 degrees). These bulbs also come in several color temperature options. 2700 Kelvin bulbs produce a warm while light and are an ideal choice if you wish to keep the yellowish light of incandescents. The halogen white light of 3000 Kelvin bulbs is a close match to the light delivered to halogen bulbs. 4000 and 5000 Kelvin light produces a cooler, bluer light that is commonly used for task lighting. Cool white 4000K can help reduce eye strain, while 5000K light is similar to daylight and can increase visibility.

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