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LED 2 Pin and 4 Pin Lamps

Why Retrofit Your PL Lamps?

Plug-in LED lamps have an exceptional energy efficiency rating meaning they last significantly longer than the fluorescent lamps they replace, helping you save money on energy and maintenance costs. They handle temperature changes far better than traditional fluorescents as well. Our selection of LED PL lamps are available in plug-and-play, direct wire, and hybrid options. Plug-and-play lamps operate only with a compatible ballast and are a quick and easy way to transition to more energy efficient lighting. Direct wire lamps operate by bypassing the ballast and running directly off line voltage. Keep in mind many of these lamps are internally driven, which means you'll need to remove any ballasts currently connected to your plug-in CFLs. This eliminates any compatibility and maintenance issues associated with the ballast. Hybrid lamps are a good middle ground for those wanting to improve energy efficiency but aren't ready to commit to bypassing the ballast. They can operate with a compatible ballast. Then, at the end of the ballast's life span, the ballast can be removed and they can run off line voltage.

PL Lamp Base Types

You can find LED retrofit lamps in multiple CFL plug-in base types:

  • 2-pin: If used in plug-and-play installation, can only be used with magnetic ballasts.
  • 4-pin: If used in plug-and-play installation, can only be used with electronic ballasts.
  • GU24: A 2-pin base that twists and locks into place.
  • G24 Universal: Compatible with 2 and 4-pin base sockets.
  • Medium E26: Typically considered the "standard" size screw in base found in most household light fixtures.

Color Temperature Options for LED PL Lamps

Kelvin color temperature measures how warm or cool the light emitted from a bulb appears. A 2700 Kelvin lamp emits a warm white light that resembles the light of an incandescent. Bulbs with a color temperature in the 3000-3500 Kelvin range are similar in appearance to halogen lamps. 4000 Kelvin lamps produce a cool light resembling clear metal halide lamps, and 5000 Kelvin lamps are designed to resemble daylight. The lower the Kelvin rating of a bulb, the warmer and more yellow the light will appear. The higher the Kelvin, the cooler and more blue the light.

If you have any questions, about drivers and ballasts or about what kind of lamp you need for your fixture, be sure to contact our expert staff at 1-800-624-4488.