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LED Smart Bulbs


Control the lighting around your home using your smartphone or tablet by adding these LED smart bulbs to table lamps, pendant fixtures, and more! These bulbs are available in the following options:

  • A dimmable single color temperature
  • Combination of tunable color temperatures and full RGB colors including dimming
  • Tunable color temperatures (ranging from 2700K to 5000K or higher) with dimming capabilities

Ranging from decorative LED antique bulbs to outdoor flood lighting, LED smart bulbs can be used in a wide range of general lighting fixtures in both homes and small businesses. Use the app to group LED smart bulbs together by room to adjust the lights all at once. Add ambiance to any room by selecting preset color scenes. Use voice command to operate lights when you don't have your phone handy or your hands are full. Outdoor flood lights can be set to come on at night or tuned on remotely as you pull into your driveway. Use tunable color temperature bulbs as task lighting for craft areas, work spaces, and desks. LED smart bulbs with RBG colors can be used to draw attention to merchandise, add decorative lighting to weddings, or provide backlighting in photography studios.

Setting Up Your LED Smart Bulbs

LED smart bulbs require compatible devices in order to work. Many smart bulbs need a compatible control hub connected to your WiFi network and corresponding app. Control hubs include Amazon Echo Plus, Samsung SmartThings, Logitech, Iris, or Wink. Other LED smart bulbs only need a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet and a compatible app like Apple HomeKit or Life In Sync. For added convenience, voice control systems such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa can be paired. Be sure to double check the compatibility of all of your devices. Some LED smart bulbs are only compatible with certain phone types.

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