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Upgrade your lighting with versatile LED tape lights, also known as strip lights and ribbon lights. These lights are a great solution for a wide range of applications, such as bias lighting, under stair lighting, railing lighting, under cabinet lighting, pathway lighting, and cove lighting. The possibilities are endless! Choose from a variety of solid colors or go for the RGB color changing strips when paired with an RGB controller, allowing you to create stunning lighting effects.

One of the key advantages of LED tape lights is their energy efficiency. By using LED tape lights instead of traditional overhead lighting or puck lights, you can significantly reduce energy consumption while minimizing heat output. Perfect for lighting display cases or closets where heat build-up is a concern.

LED tape lights are available in both 12 Volt and 24 Volt strips. When installing, make sure to pair them with the correct voltage LED driver for optimal performance. Need help determining which driver or accessories are suitable for your installation? Our knowledgeable customer service team is just a phone call away at 1-800-624-4488. We're here to assist you every step of the way.

Easy Installation Of LED Tape Lights

LED tape lights are easy to install. Each standard tape light section or spool comes with a "peel-and-stick" 3M adhesive backing, making it a breeze to set up. For more complex installations, such as cove lighting, under stair lighting, and under cabinet lighting, channel guides and mounting accessories are available. This makes DIY installation of accent lighting and mood lighting a cinch!

With connectors, it's easy to change the direction of the tape light around corners or create more complex runs using a T-connector or plus-shape connector. The best part is that LED tape lights can be cut at custom lengths along cut lines marked on the sleeve, allowing for flexibility and customization.

Our LED Tape Lights are Safe Indoors & Outdoors

LED tape light is safe for indoor and outdoor installations when left uncut and kept protected from direct contact with water. 12 Volt and 24 Volt options minimize the risk of electrical shorts and safety hazards frequently encountered with line voltage outdoor lighting. You can install it under eaves, on gazebos and decks, and even under stair lighting for walkway visibility at night. Channel guides can be used to diffuse the light for a more even glow, making it so that you don't see the individual LEDs and should also be used for under-railing applications to secure the tape light for a longer-lasting installation.

Waterproof Tape Light

Our warm white and cool white colors have a waterproof option that is IP68 rated, allowing you to safely submerge the strip light up to 6 feet for pool lighting, and other underwater installations. Make sure to only use waterproof accessories when splitting or connecting underwater tape light around corners and custom runs.

Versatile & Energy Saving

Our standard output LED tape light consumes fewer than 2 Watts per foot and is ideal for most accent lighting applications while our high output tape light uses less than 5 Watts per foot and is 3 times brighter than the standard version, making it great for outdoor areas and indoor task lighting.

Color Changing Options

For something truly amazing, our RGB tape light is the best choice. RGB tape light uses individual red, green, and blue LEDs that mix to create multiple colors with the help of an RGB controller.

Do-It-Yourself Customization

The capabilities of LED tape light are limited only by your imagination. We carry everything you need to customize your installation including connectors, controllers, dimmers, motion switches, power supplies, end caps, and mounting clips. For a modern and refined look, also try our aluminum tape light profiles from PLT and Klus Design.

LED Tape Light FAQs

Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions about tape light.

What are LED tape lights?

  • LED tape lights are thin, flexible strips with built-in LED chips. They typically have either a silicone or Parylene Nano coating that protect the chips and circuits. Their low-profile, compact design allows for discrete installations, making them perfect for areas where you don't want to see a bulky or noticeable fixture.

Does LED tape light come with any accessories?

  • Most strip lights do not come with any accessories or drivers. They are all sold separately. We do, however, offer some all-in-one kits that come with everything you need for installation.

What do I need to install my LED tape lights?

  • A typical installation for LED strip lights requires the tape light, power supply (driver), adapter cords, connector pieces, and any additional controllers or dimmers. Depending on the intended application, tape light channels may also be needed. If you are not sure what is needed for your installation, call 1-800-624-4488 to speak with one of our lighting experts.

Is tape light cuttable?

  • Yes. LED ribbon lights can be cut on the notated cutting marks. Cutting increments will vary across products.

Can tape light be reconnected once cut?

Is LED tape light dimmable?

  • Yes, strip lights can be dimmed as long as they are paired with a dimmer or controller designed for the type of tape light you are using. If you have single color tape, then you must use a single color controller or dimmer. If you have RGB tape, then your controller or dimmer must be for RGB tape as well.

Is tape light splash resistant?

  • Yes, most tape light is IP65 rated when left uncut. It is protected against dust and water. Please note that LED drivers and connector cables are not water resistant and should be protected.

Can tape light be submerged?

  • While most tape light is IP65 rated to withstand dust and moisture, it is not waterproof and should not be submerged in water. For applications where strip lights need to be underwater, look for waterproof LED ribbon lights. These strips are IP68 rated, meaning they can be submerged up to 6 feet.

What is the maximum run length of LED tape light?

  • Our LED tape light has a maximum run of 16'.

Need help or have any questions about our LED tape lights? Don't hesitate to give our customer service team a call at 1-800-624-4488. We're here to provide expert guidance and practical solutions for all your lighting needs.