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LED Vapor Tight

LED Vapor Tight

Are you looking for a replacement for fluorescent fixtures in car washes, parking garages, and other wet environments? Invest in LED vapor tight fixtures. Designed to be used in moisture-filled or harsh settings, these fixtures have a durable housing that resists warping, fading, corrosion, and rust. The impact resistant lenses are able to withstand the weather, and are held in place by non-corrosive metal clips. LED vapor tight fixtures use half the energy of fluorescents, lowering energy cost. These fixtures also eliminate lamp replacement costs and compatibility issues by using integrated LEDs. Energy Star or DLC certified fixtures may qualify for state or local rebates for additional savings.

Benefits of LED Vapor Tight Fixtures

Outlasting their fluorescent counterparts, some LED vapor tight fixtures last up to 75,000 hours. Unlike fluorescents which go out all at once, LEDs will continue to produce light at the end of their life, with light slowly diminishing over time instead of shutting off all at once. Once the LEDs reach the end of their lifespan, the fixture is replaced.

LED vapor tight fixtures are lightweight to help make installation easier, and can be surface mounted or suspended. Some LED vapor tight fixtures include a motion sensor, allowing the light to come on only when movement is detected. These sensors turn the light back off after a set amount of time without activity. A few fixtures are available with a built in emergency backup that provides light for up to 90 minutes in the event of a power failure.

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