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Pink Light Bulbs

Looking for a fast way to improve to the look of your rooms? Replace regular light bulbs with these pink light bulbs for a warmer, more flattering light. Pale pink bulbs produce the same amount of light as standard incandescent bulbs while delivering a warmer light for a cozier atmosphere. The light gives skin a healthy and flattering look while also improving the look of furniture and other objects. This makes pink light bulbs a popular choice for portrait photographers, real estate agents, and retail stores. Pink light bulbs are available in incandescent and LED options, and many are dimmable.

Where to Use Pink Light Bulbs

Pink light bulbs can be used anywhere you desire a cozy atmosphere. Living rooms, cooperate bathrooms, restaurants, and hotel lobbies are all ideal locations for these lights. Pair pink lights with other colored bulbs on a patio string light for fun party lighting. Brighter pink bulbs can also be used as decorative lighting. Use pink flood lights to highlight outdoor landscaping. Place these bulbs in recessed cans to accent merchandise in stores. Highlight decor in a little girls' room using pink chandelier bulbs in a decorative fixture or by hanging pink sting lights. Place a pink A19 light bulb in your bedside lamp for reduced glare when reading. Pink light bulbs of all types can be used to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.