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Christmas Light Clips and Stakes

Christmas Light Hooks

Make hanging Christmas string lights easier this year with mounting clips. Suspend mini light strings with gutter hooks to create a shower of light dripping from your roof. Light up your entire roof with Christmas light clips that slide between the shingles. Use multi-application clips to hold C7, C9, or mini Christmas lights, that way no matter what configuration of light bulbs you're using each year, these clips can be used again and again.

Want to light up the gutters but don't want to see the clips? 3M backed mini light clips are perfect for attaching mini string lights to smooth surfaces indoors and out. Hang LED mini lights along your gutter, railings, windows, banisters, mantles, or other smooth surfaces. The 3M backing offers superior hold for minimal maintenance.

Lucky enough to have metal gutters? Magnetic clips for C7 or C9 light strings make putting up Christmas lights easy and taking them down even easier. No more careful measuring and spacing clips while slowly inching your ladder along the gutter. Put the magnetic clips on the light string from the comfort of the ground, then quickly place them along the gutter or other magnetic surface. When it's time to take them down, a soft tug from the ground is all you need. Just don't pull too hard; you don't want the lights hitting the unforgiving concrete driveway. Pull a few down at a time and you won't have to see the ladder again until next year.

Clips for Decorating More than Just the Roof

If you want to have the best lit house on the block, the roof isn't the only part of your house that needs lights. Decorating the bushes and weaving the lights through the lower branches of outdoor trees is family bonding at its best. Instead of irritating and wasteful zip ties, use tree and shrub light clips. The horseshoe design is quick to put on and easy to take off; best part is they are reusable. The green clips blend well with Christmas trees, holly bushes, Christmas wreaths, and other foliage.

Use brick clips for hanging wreaths, garland, and Christmas lights along the slide of your house. These handy decorating tools support up to 25 pounds each and blend in well against most brick walls. Create custom word art by strategically placing clips along the bricks and having fun with cursive writing. Next door neighbor outdoing you every year? Don't give up, piggyback on their display with "Ditto" Christmas lights and an arrow using garland with mini lights. These brick clips can get you started.

Christmas Light Stakes

Ever wonder how some Christmas lights seem to float across the yards in those epic light displays? Christmas light stakes come in a variety of heights. The easy to use stakes keep the wires off the ground when mowing. Stagger the heights of the stakes for a 3D design in your yard or use them to highlight walkways and driveways while limiting the risk that someone might step on your lights.

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