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HID - Pulse Start

HID - Pulse Start Light Bulbs

Pulse start metal halide lamps are similar to traditional metal halide lamps, but offer some different and unique benefits. HID Pulse start bulbs produce the same desirable color characteristics as regular metal halide lamps. However, pulse light lamps lose less heat than their conventional peers due to a high-voltage ignitor instead of a probe electrode. This ignitor also allows the lamp to start faster when it's cold and warm up quickly. Additionally, pulse start technology has a higher energy efficacy and increases lamp life up to 50 percent over traditional metal halide lamps. Browse the vast selection of pulse start lamps available from You won't find a wider variety or better prices anywhere.

When selecting your pulse start lamp, be sure to double check the ANSI code on your bulb. ANSI codes help you know which ballasts can be paired with the bulb. If the ANSI code matches, then the bulb and ballast are a match. Contact our lighting experts at if you need help determining your bulb’s ANSI code.