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Purple Christmas Lights

Purple Christmas Lights

Brighten your home or business with the festive glow of purple Christmas lights. These lights can be used year round to decorate for parties and events. Recreate the look and feel of your childhood with incandescent Christmas lights. Incandescent Christmas lights are dimmable, but generate heat and are hot to the touch when lit. You must also make sure that you do not exceed the maximum wattage per string when connecting strands together. LED Christmas lights, on the other hand, use far less energy and last longer. The lower wattage allows you to connect more strands together than incandescents and the bulbs are cool to the touch when in use.

A Note on Color

These purple Christmas lights fall more on the red side of the red-purple-blue scale. The only way to achieve a deep violet color is to use black light. Color is subjective, so while these lights are more purple than pink bulbs, some customers consider them pink when turned on.

C7 and C9 Light Bulbs

Decorate rooflines, fences, and more with C7 and C9 light bulbs. Sold in packs of 25, these bulbs are used with commercial stringers and spools to create light stings. You can measure the base of your existing bulbs to see which size you have. The base for a C7 measures 12 mm and fits in candelabra (E12) sockets. C9 bulbs are slightly larger with a base measuring 17 mm for use in intermediate (E17) sockets.

For a vintage look, use purple C7 and C9 incandescent bulbs. Considered the classic Christmas lights, C7 bulbs use around 5 Watts while C9 bulbs use about 7 Watts. Bulbs come in both double or tripled dipped for improved color richness and depth. For a more energy efficient option, choose purple C7 and C9 LED light bulbs. Featuring a faceted finish that sparkles when lit, these durable bulbs withstand general wear and tear and have fade-resistant color. These LED bulbs are break resistant, making them a better choice for lining sidewalks and driveways where they may accidentally get stepped on. This makes them more durable than incandescent glass bulbs, allowing them to last year after year.

Purple C6 LED String Lights

Create a spooky atmosphere for Halloween or add some shine to holiday decorations with these purple C6 LED string lights. Featuring bulbs that are slightly smaller in size then C7s, these lights are ideal for nestling into greenery or wrapping tree trunks. Designed with a single piece molded construction to keep water from entering the sockets, the bulbs on these strings cannot be replaced, but you can use LED light testers and "PODs" to repair around the lamp. In the chance that a bulb fails, the string will stay lit.

Purple Incandescent String Lights

Add your own personal style to light up wreaths and garlands or accent wedding decorations with purple incandescent string lights. These lights have green and white wire options and can be used all year long. If a bulb goes out, the string will stay lit as long as you don't remove the burned out bulb. Replacement bulbs are provided with each string including a bulb that makes the string blink.

Purple LED Mini Lights

Add pops of color to your decor with purple LED mini lights. These strings have several bulb shape options. Wide angle bulbs have a concave lens that disperses light in a wide beam pattern that is viewable from any angle. Faceted traditional shaped bulbs have the same shape as incandescent mini lights but have a prismatic pattern cut into the cap for a softer light output. Shimmering spot bulbs have a curved design that creates a twinkling effect when the light gently sways. For Halloween, drape lights around tombstone and other creepy decorations for backlighting. Wrap white wire strings with tulle to make a wedding garland.

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