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400 Watt Metal Halide Equal - Round LED High Bay Lighting

400-Watt equal round LED high bays provide exceptional energy savings compared to MH fixtures and have no bulbs to replace. These fixtures come with or without reflectors. High bays with reflectors have a more traditional look, while LED round high bays without a reflector, often called "UFO" lights, offer a more modern look and are more compact to save ceiling space. Some fixtures can be dimmed when paired with compatible dimmers. NSF certified fixtures can be used in food handling facilities. DLC Premium certified round LED high bays may qualify for state or local rebates.

Round LED high bays have several color temperature (color of the light produced) options available. Use 3500K high bays to brighten locations such as supermarkets and retail stores. LED high bays emitting a 4000K light help reduce eye strain and are commonly used in warehouses where pick accuracy is important. Increasing visibility and concentration, 5000K light helps players, referees, and attendees see games better in sports arenas and reduces accidents in manufacturing facilities.

Be sure to check safety and IP ratings before purchasing your fixture. These ratings let you know what conditions the fixture can be used in. For locations where fixtures will be exposed to moisture, choose LED round high bays with a damp location rating. If your fixtures may come into direct contact with water, look for fixtures that are wet location rated. Fixtures with an IP-65 rating are protected against dust entry and water jets.

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