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UFO LED High Bay Lighting - LED Warehouse Lights

Provide even, more efficient lighting to warehouses, gymnasiums, industrial areas, and other similar locations by replacing metal halide (MH) high bays with these round LED high bays.

high bay brightness chart

Designed to suspend from high ceilings, these LED round high bay fixtures provide brighter and longer lasting light. Round LED high bay fixtures generate very little heat and have no bulbs to replace, saving money on maintenance and cooling costs. Pairing these fixtures with motion sensors ensures the lights are on only when needed to further reduce energy costs. In addition, fixtures meeting DLC and DLC Premium certifications may qualify for local or state rebates.

Tips for Choosing the Right Round LED High Bay

If you are looking to retain an appearance similar to your existing MH fixtures, look for round LED high bays that come with reflectors. For a more modern look, choose fixtures that don't use reflectors. LED round high bays without reflectors are commonly referred to as "UFO" lights and are smaller in size to save ceiling space. Round LED high bays that are NSF certified are safe to use in food handling facilities. Make sure to compare the Lumen output of your current lights to the fixtures you are considering. This will help you better match the light output. If your space needs more light than is currently provided, go with LED high bays that have a higher Lumen output.

The color temperature, or color of the light emitted, can also affect the light output. Fixtures producing a 3500 Kelvin halogen white light are a good choice for brightening retail locations. 4000 Kelvin cool white light decreases eye strain, making it a better choice for warehouses where pick accuracy is important. For increased visibility and concentration in manufacturing facilities and sporting arenas, look for fixtures emitting a 5000 Kelvin daylight white light.

Know what conditions your fixture is capable of withstanding by checking the ingress protect (IP) and safety ratings. Damp rated fixtures can be used in where moisture may be present, while wet rated fixtures can come in direct contact with water. LED round high bays with an IP-65 rating, meaning these fixtures are protected against dust entry and water jets.

No sure which color temperature or style of LED round high bay is right for your warehouse? Give our team of lighting experts a call today at 1-800-624-4488!