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LED Strip Light Fixtures

Are you looking for the right fixture to install in your new garage or are you needing to replace an old fluorescent fixture? Choose an LED strip light fixture from one of our top brands. Strip light fixtures can replace single and multiple lamp fluorescent fixtures and are designed for hard wire installation. Many retain the look of fluorescent fixtures with a lens resembling tubes. Workshops, storage areas, and utility rooms are just a few areas where these versatile lights can be used.

What to Look For When Choosing a Strip Light Fixture

When looking for a garage strip light fixture, you want to make sure that you will not be over-lighting your space. To ensure you are getting the right fixture for you needs, take a look at the Lumens and the color temperature. Lumens, or light output, indicate how bright your fixture will be. Compare the current lumen output of your fixture with our LED strip fixtures to find the right Lumen count for you.

The color temperature (measured in Kelvin) describes the color of the light; different Kelvin values have different benefits. A strip light fixture with a 4000 Kelvin (cool white) light helps to reduce eye strain while a 5000 Kelvin (stark white) light helps improve overall visibility, making it a good choice for areas where attention to detail is a must.

Benefits of Commercial LED Strip Light Fixtures

LED strip light fixtures use less energy and last longer than their fluorescent counterparts. Most are designed with integrated LEDs so there is no need to replace lamps, lowering maintenance costs. LED strip light fixtures also come on to full brightness instantly, as the LEDs do not require a warmup period. Another benefit is that many fixtures can be mounted in continuous rows, allowing you to cover larger areas.

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