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T5 Light Bulbs - Preheat Start Linear Fluorescent Tubes

These T5 light bulbs operate with magnetic ballasts using the preheat method. The ballast preheats the cathodes before using a starter to light the lamp, though there may be a delay of a few seconds before the lamp comes on. T5 light bulbs are ideal for use in smaller fixtures such as under cabinet lights in garages and basements or display lighting in retail stores.

T5 bulbs are available in 4, 6, 8, and 13 Watts. To identify which lamps you currently have, look at the order code. "F" represents fluorescent, while the number immediately after is the wattage. The letter "T" is for the tubular shape and the next number denotes the diameter in eighths of an inch. The diameter for T5 bulbs is 0.625 inches. The last letters represent the color temperature produced and can range from soft white (3000 Kelvin) to full spectrum (6500 Kelvin). For example, a F6T5/CW lamp uses 6 Watts and delivers a cool white light.

Can T5 Bulbs Replace T8 Lamps?

When comparing T5s to T8s, there are a few differences. T5 light bulbs are slightly shorter than T8 lamps. These lamps vary in size measuring approximately 6 inches to 21 inches in length. T5 fluorescent lamps also require different lampholders as the bi-pin bases have 5 mm spacing between the pins. Because of these differences, T5 bulbs cannot replace a T8 lamp and vice versa.

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