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Instant Start - 2 Lamp - T8 - Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts

Ballast Factor and Light Output

By selecting the ideal ballast factor, you can maximize your energy savings while tailoring the light output of your fluorescent fixture. Multiply the rated lumens of your fluorescent lamp by the ballast factor to estimate your total system lumens. For example, 3200 lumens x 0.77 BF = 2464 total system lumens.

Low Ballast Factor (below 0.77)

Lower energy usage and reduced light output. Ideal for hallways and bathrooms.

Normal Ballast Factor (0.77 to 1.1)

Near rated energy usage and light output. Ideal for most applications, including offices and retail stores.

High Ballast Factor (above 1.1)

Higher energy usage and up to 10% more light output. Ideal for warehouses and areas with high ceilings.