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4 ft. 3500 Kelvin T8 Retrofit LED Tubes

Whether you're installing new lights or retrofitting existing tubes, T8 LED tubes are an excellent choice. T8 LED bulbs can be made to emit any color temperature you need. Here you'll find the beautiful midrange of 3500K, popular for offices and homes. T8 LEDs are softer, don't flicker, and turn on to full brightness much faster than a traditional fluorescent. Even better, the technology for LED T8s has advanced to the point where you can keep the existing ballast or bypass it completely.

Type A plug and play T8 tubes work with the existing ballast as long as the ballast is listed as compatible. No rewiring is needed at all. Type B direct wire tubes operate directly off of the fixture’s line voltage, meaning the ballast is removed completely and the fixture is rewired. Type A+B hybrid tubes are a combination of Type A and Type B. They can start out working with a compatible ballast, and then later be reinstalled as direct wire lamps when the ballast has reached the end of its life.

You can also eliminate the ballast from existing fixtures with Type C T8 tubes. These lamps use an external driver that must be purchased with the tubes to ensure compatibility. You can dim the tubes using the driver with any compatible 0-10V dimmer.

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