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Work Light Fixture Accessories

Plastic Lamp Guard - Yellow - Replacement Cage


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Plastic Lamp Guard
Yellow - Replacement Cage
  • Color: Yellow
  • Length: 6.5 in.

  • Diameter: 4.75 in.
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Work Light Fixture Accessories

Complete your temporary work light fixture setup with our range of accessories that ensure safety and efficiency in any work environment. Our work light fixture accessories are specifically designed to complement our products and enhance their performance.

Types of Temporary Work Light Accessories

Pin-type sockets with hooks provide a secure and convenient way to attach the fixture to overhead structures like beams and rafters. Our pin-type sockets have a quick and easy attachment system and a sturdy hook that ensures a stable hold.

Pigtail sockets are ideal for extending the reach of your temporary work light fixture. They feature a flexible wire tail that allows you to connect the fixture to an extension cord or other power source, providing greater flexibility in positioning your work light.

Protect your work light fixture with our plastic lamp guards, which fit snugly over the bulb of the fixture. These guards are essential in high-risk areas, preventing the bulb from breaking if accidentally bumped or struck.

Our work light fixture accessories offer reliable and long-lasting performance, made of high-quality materials and sturdy construction. Choose from a variety of options that suit your needs and budget, and improve the safety and efficiency of your temporary work light fixtures.