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CFL GU24 Twist and Lock

Designed to replace bulbs with medium (E26) bases, CFL GU24 bulbs are for use with GU24 sockets. These bulbs have two pins extending on the bottom of the base that allow the bulb to twist and lock into place. GU24 sockets are becoming more popular and are used in lamps, wall sconces, recessed cans, and other overhead lighting. CFL GU24 base lamps use less energy than incandescents and last longer, reducing both energy and replacement costs. Many of these bulbs meet Title 20 and Energy Star certifications and may qualify for local or state rebates, providing additional savings.

GU24 sockets and bulbs are required in order to meet lighting regulations in the state of California. Fixtures using CFL GU24 bulbs are considered high efficiency under Title 24 regulations and do not need to meet the newer JA8 certifications. Keep in mind that other states tend to follow California's example within a few years, so your state may be adopting these regulations soon. Make sure to check the current building codes before starting new construction projects.

Where to Use CFL GU24 Bulbs

GU24 socketed fixtures can be found in a variety of locations including homes, waiting rooms, and retail stores. For a warm light that similar to incandescents, use bulbs that produce a 2700 Kelvin light. Brighten lobbies and boutiques with a 3500 Kelvin light. To help reduce eye strain in classrooms, look for bulbs that have a 4000 Kelvin light. 5000 Kelvin light simulates daylight and is ideal for increasing awareness in offices and hospitals.