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Vapor Tight / Vapor Proof

Vapor Tight vs. Vapor Proof

Vapor tight fixtures are linear fixtures that use either fluorescents or LEDs. They have a gasketed seal that keeps water and dust from entering the fixture, and are easily identifiable by the meal latches that help ensure the fixture is tightly closed. Vapor tight fixtures usually carry an ingress protection (IP) rating that indicates the types of conditions the fixture can withstand. An IP65 rating means the fixture is dust tight and can withstand water jets from any angle. Fixtures with an IP66 rating are dust tight and are protected against water jets and heavy seas. Vapor tights can be surface mounted or suspended, and are used in warehouses, loading docks, car washes, and other similar applications.

Vapor proof fixtures are a little different and are most commonly found as jelly jars. These fixtures are similar to vapor tights in that they are dust tight, water tight, and can carry the same IP ratings. However, what sets vapor proof fixtures apart is that they are also sealed against vapors, gases, and corrosive fumes. Traditional vapor proof fixtures use incandescent or CFL bulbs, while newer versions use LEDs. Designed for wall, ceiling, and pendant mounting, these fixtures can be used in a variety of applications including freezers and coolers, laundry mats, tunnels, and over doorways.

Types of Vapor Tight Fixtures

There are two types of vapor tight fixtures that use LED lighting. LED ready fixtures use LED bulbs while LED vapor tight fixtures use an integrated array of LED diodes. Both types of LED fixtures use a reinforced polycarbonate resin housing that resists fading, warping, rust, and corrosion.

Benefits of LED Vapor-Tight Fixtures:

Tired of maintenance upkeep with fluorescent fixtures in your commercial operations setting? Ready to improve light distribution and perceived brightness with increased safety for your floor workers? It’s time to upgrade to LED. The latest LED vapor-tight fixtures available from PLT have stronger seals than fluorescent fixtures to protect against harsher conditions and they are designed with a sleek, modern aesthetic. The internal multipoint design layout of the light emitting diodes creates a comfortable, even light distribution pattern that appears brighter than fluorescents with the same lumen power. Individual fixtures offer maximum versatility with three easily changeable wattage and color temperature options and can be paired with compatible dimmers and timer controls for even more mastery over your lighting system. In addition to what you’ll save on energy costs by switching to LED technology, the fixtures are often less to install than their comparable fluorescent counterparts. Long-lasting and easy to clean, the fixture’s reinforced polycarbonate resin housing resists fading, warping, rust, and corrosion.

It's never been a better time to upgrade to LED lighting in your space.

Benefits of LED ready vapor tight fixtures:

  • Flexible color temperature using any compatible LED tubes.
  • Wide range of choices for Lumen output.
  • Pre-wired on one end, direct wire tubes simply plug into the fixture.
  • It's easier and less expensive to replace tubes than the entire integrated fixture.
  • All fixtures come with a 5-year warranty.

If you've had problems with fluorescent fixtures in the past, it may be time to switch to LED. In many cases the LED ready and LED vapor tight fixtures have a stronger seal to protect against harsher conditions than fluorescent fixtures. Not only does LED technology save on energy, you can now get either LED ready or LED vapor tight fixtures for less than the price of many fluorescent fixtures. It's never been a better time to upgrade to LED lighting in your space.

Not sure if your application needs a vapor tight or vapor proof fixture? Every location is different; for assistance finding the right type of fixture to fit your application, give one of our lighting experts a call at 1-800-624-4488 .