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Vapor Tight / Vapor Proof

Types of Vapor Tight Fixtures

In addition to fluorescent fixtures, there are two types of vapor tight fixtures that use LED lighting. LED ready fixtures use LED bulbs while LED vapor tight fixtures use an integrated array of LED diodes. Both types of LED fixtures use a reinforced polycarbonate resin housing that resists fading, warping, rust, and corrosion.

Benefits of fluorescent vapor tight fixtures:

  • Some fluorescent fixtures are NSF approved for food service and food processing locations.
  • Flexibility to pick fluorescent tubes with the desired color temperature and Kelvin output.
  • Brand name ballasts in normal or high ballast factor.
  • Steel or enhanced aluminum reflector directs more light out of the fixture.
  • May better match existing lighting, replacing a single fixture instead of an entire floor.
  • Some fixtures are end to end connectable for long runs.

Fluorescent vapor tight fixtures use fluorescent T8, or high output T5 lamps (sold separately) in a fiberglass housing.

Benefits of integrated LED vapor tight fixtures:

  • No compatibility issues with bulbs.
  • Up to 75,000 hours rated life. Designed to last over fifteen years.
  • Some fixtures are DLC 4.0 listed and may qualify for rebates.
  • All fixtures come with a 5-year warranty.

With LED ready vapor tight fixtures, installation on the job site is fast and easy; everything you need is included and ready when it arrives on site. With these vandal-resistant fixtures, there's virtually no maintenance during the life of the fixture.

Benefits of LED ready vapor tight fixtures:

  • Flexible color temperature using any compatible LED tubes.
  • Wide range of choices for Lumen output.
  • Pre-wired on one end, direct wire tubes simply plug into the fixture.
  • It's easier and less expensive to replace tubes than the entire integrated fixture.
  • All fixtures come with a 5-year warranty.

If you've had problems with fluorescent fixtures in the past, it may be time to switch to LED. In many cases the LED ready and LED vapor tight fixtures have a stronger seal to protect against harsher conditions than fluorescent fixtures. Not only does LED technology save on energy, you can now get either LED ready or LED vapor tight fixtures for less than the price of many fluorescent fixtures. It's never been a better time to upgrade to LED lighting in your space.

Not sure which type of fixture is right for you? Every location is different; for assistance finding the right vapor tight fixture to fit your application, give one of our lighting experts a call at 1-800-624-4488 .