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Vintage Light Bulbs

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Introduction to Vintage Light Bulbs

From restaurants and coffee shops to kitchens and DIY projects, antique light bulbs are just the thing to add a classic, vintage atmosphere to any space. These types of light bulbs have a lower Lumen output compared to traditional light bulbs used in household fixtures, often less than 400 Lumens. The very warm color temperature they emit borders on orange, typically around 2400 Kelvin. Because of this, vintage bulbs are designed to be purely decorative and are not recommended for general overhead lighting or reading lamps. Our selection of vintage light bulbs are also available in LED options.

Vintage Bulb Shapes

Antique Bulb
  • Edison bulbs are the most popular shape of antique bulbs. Reproductions of Thomas Edison's first light bulb, these bulbs are easily one of the most recognizable of the antique bulb shapes. Edison bulbs have an oblong shape with a nipple at the top and typically have a medium E26 base.
  • Victorian bulbs are shaped like household A-shape light bulbs and usually have a medium E26 or candelabra E12 base.
  • Chandelier bulbs are small tapered bulbs designed for use in chandeliers and wall sconces and typically have a candelabra E12 base.
  • Globe bulbs are round ball shaped bulbs that come in a range of diameters designated by the number following the "G" in the bulb's name. For example, a G40 globe bulb is 40 eighths of an inch or 5 inches in diameter. These bulbs are often used in clear fixtures, exposed bulb fixtures, and pendant light fixtures.
  • More unique shapes include radio style and tubular bulbs, which recreate the vacuum tubes of classic radios. These types of bulbs are most often used in pendant light fixtures, chandeliers, and custom lighting projects like steampunk lamps.
  • Oversized antique bulbs can be any shape, but they are at least 12 inches tall. Specialty bulbs have very unique shapes, like lanterns or the hexahedral qualities of a gemstone.

Compare Vintage Bulb Uses

There is an antique bulb for every type of fixture. Use this chart to find the bulb and color temperature best suited for your fixture.

Antique Bulb Chart

Vintage Bulb Filaments

Antique Bulb Filament

Incandescent antique bulbs especially have different patterns of filament that change the look of the bulb. A few of the more popular designs are:

  • squirrel cage
  • hairpin
  • double hairpin
  • triple loop
  • quad loop
  • Z-shape
  • spiral

A picture is worth a thousand words. See examples of the different filament types by clicking into the bulb shape of your choice. Not all filament styles are used in every bulb shape.

Vintage Lighting Accessories

Looking to create your own DIY antique light fixture or need to replace a few broken parts? Our selection of vintage lighting accessories has everything you need from canopy switches, lamp dimmers, sockets, and rayon covered wire to wire cages, cage pendants, and pendant sockets. All of our antique lighting accessories come in a wide range of styles, sizes, color finishes, and wattage ratings.

For assistance selecting the right bulb and parts you need to create the perfect antique lamp, contact us at 1-972-525-0501 to speak to one of our lighting experts.