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Black Wire Patio Light Stringers - Medium Base

These patio light strings are available in multiple lengths to suit your needs. Patio light strings can be used with incandescent or LED bulbs, and some come as kits with bulbs included. Popular bulb shapes range from S14s to vintage antique bulbs. Always check the maximum wattage of the patio light sting before choosing bulbs. Patio string lights with medium (E26) bases have two socket types: in-line and suspended.

Closer to the main wire, strings with in-line sockets are better for covering shorter distances or for a more temporary installation such as stringing lights under an umbrella or a covered patio. Hanging down from the main wire, patio lights with suspended sockets are used to cover longer distances or for permanent installations. These strings are commonly used for lighting yards, restaurant patios, or weddings. Suspended sockets also have an eyelet at the top of each socket that allows you to run a guy-wire. This adds additional support for longer runs and helps reduce sagging.

Black wire patio light stringers can be connected together depending on the end plugs and the maximum wattage for the string. Limited to a single strand, patio string lights with only a male plug cannot be connected to other strings. Patio lights with male and female plugs can be connected end to end as long as you do not exceed the maximum wattage. Keep in mind that the maximum wattage stays the same no matter how many strings are connected together, so you will need to spread the wattage out over the strings. Some strings have no end plugs, allowing you to customize the length and add the plugs where needed.

For help finding the right lengths of medium (E26) base black wire patio light stings for your application, call 1-800-624-4488 to speak with one of our lighting experts.