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Looking for a quality ballast at a great price? Look no further than! We have the fluorescent ballasts, HID ballasts, and LED drivers you need to make your lighting installation a success. Our wide selection of magnetic and electronic fluorescent ballasts includes trusted brands like Advance, Sylvania, Sola, and Fulham. We offer fluorescent ballasts to power any configuration or lamp type, including T5 ballasts, T12 ballasts, and T8 ballasts as well as Circline ballasts and 2 and 4-pin plug-in CFL ballasts. Our high pressure sodium ballast collection includes all the wattages you need and all the brands you trust. Our selection of metal halide ballasts and pulse start ballasts is the widest offering you'll find on the Internet, with virtually every wattage and voltage covered. We also carry a wide variety of LED drivers including constant current drivers, constant voltage drivers, AC voltage drivers, programmable LED drivers, dimmable LED drivers, and drivers that are approved for outdoor use.

Intro to Fluorescent Ballasts

A fluorescent ballast provides the correct amount of voltage to start the lamps and regulates the amount of current that flows to them once they're on. Without the ballast, the fluorescent tube light would continually draw too much power from the high voltage power source causing it to overheat and burn out in a matter of seconds. Ballasts are designed to operate with a specific type of lamp of a specific type at a specific voltage. So, it's essential to check the specification sheet of both ballast and bulb to ensure compatibility. The two types of fluorescent ballast are magnetic and electronic.

Intro to HID Ballasts

Is it an HID ballast you need? Whether it is a high pressure sodium ballast, metal halide ballast, or low pressure sodium ballast, we have it. Much like fluorescent lights, all HID lights require the use of a ballast to regulate the voltage supplied by the fixture to the lamp. To help minimize compatibility issues, all HID lamps and ballasts have an ANSI code associated with them. This code represents the wattage, type of lamp, and starting method associated with them. The lamp and ballast should always match to ensure proper operation.

Intro to LED Drivers

There are two main types of LED drivers: constant current and constant voltage. The electrical requirements of the LEDs will determine which one is needed for your application. When replacing a driver, it's important to match the old driver's input and output requirements as closely as possible. Constant current drivers have a fixed output current and ranged output voltages. Constant voltage drivers have a fixed output voltage with a maximum output current.

Our selection of light ballasts also includes specialty ballasts like refrigeration ballasts, neon sign transformers, low voltage transformers, and emergency inverters. If it's ballast accessories you need, we also have ballast ignitors, dry film capacitors, oil-filled capacitors, and surge protectors for HID ballasts. Need or want assistance finding everything you need for your lighting design? Don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-624-4488 and a member of our team of lighting experts will be happy to help.