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8 ft. T8 LED Tube Lights Replacement

5500 Lumens - 8 ft. T8 LED Tube High Output - Ballast Bypass - 43 Watt - 3500 Kelvin - Recessed Double Contact Base - 120-277 Volt - Case of 10 - TCP LT8R43B235KBP


$24.69 ea.
Sold only by the Case of 10 for $246.92


5500 Lumens - 8 ft. T8 LED Tube - Ballast Bypass - 42 Watt - 6500 Kelvin - F96T8 or F96T12 Replacement - Recessed Double Contact Base - 120-277V - Case of 10 - TCP LT8R43B265KBP


$25.64 ea.
Sold only by the Case of 10 for $256.42


Suitable for use in strip lights and high bay fixtures, these energy efficient tubes help reduce maintenance and replacement costs, lasting far longer than fluorescent tubes. Common applications include hospitals, warehouses, and parking garages. Sold by the case for added convenience, some tubes are DLC certified and could qualify for state or local rebates. For added durability, some LED T8 tubes have a shatter-resistant coating that meets NSF/ANSI requirements.

Ballast Bypass

Ballast bypass or direct wire tubes operate directly off of the line voltage. The existing ballast is removed from the fixture during installation, eliminating maintenance costs and compatibility issues associated with ballasts. These double-ended tubes can be used with the existing single pin (FA8) sockets and require that the fixture have power on both ends. Some tubes can replace both T8 and T12 fluorescents.

Ballast Compatible

Ballast compatible tubes, or plug-and-play lamps, work with the existing ballast in your fluorescent fixture making installation a breeze with no need for rewiring. Your ballast must be listed on the ballast compatibility PDF found on the product's page. If the ballast is compatible, simply plug the lamp into the existing FA8 sockets.

High Output

Installing as double-ended direct wire tubes, high output tubes replace T8 HO and T12 HO fluorescent lamps. Featuring a recessed double-contact (R17d) base, these tubes operate with the existing sockets once the ballast has been removed and the fixture rewired.

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