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LED Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures - Under Counter LED Lights

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LED Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

A more efficient alternative to both fluorescent and Xenon lights, LED under cabinet light fixtures can be installed to provide light to kitchen counters and shelving. These lights produce an even illumination that reduces glare and provides general and task lighting. LED cabinet lights are available in two types. LED light bars have a narrow profile, allowing for them to be more easily hidden. LED under cabinet fixtures are wider than light bars and are available in both white and bronze colors. Both fixtures type use integrated LEDs and have no bulbs to replace. Once the LEDs reach the end of their life, you simply replace the fixture. LED under cabinet lighting can add to your property value and is a quick remodel idea to consider if you are thinking about placing your house on the market.

How to Install LED Cabinet Lights

LED under cabinet lights are installed by either hard wiring or by plugging them in. Hard wire fixtures are hard wired to the main power. These fixtures can be operated by the wall switch and by the switch on the fixture itself. Hardwired fixtures give a cleaner look than plug-in fixtures since there's no visible power cord. Some LED under cabinet lighting can be installed both ways, providing added versatility.

Many LED cabinet lights can also be connected together via a connector cable or by hard wiring them together. This allows you to join multiple fixtures without needing to power each one individually. LED under cabinet fixtures can be purchased in assorted color temperatures, ranging from 2700 Kelvin that resembles incandescent lighting up to 5000 Kelvin that can be used for task lighting.

Where to Use LED Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

Under counter LED lights rated for dry locations can be used in desks, shelves, and other areas where the fixture will not come into any contact with water. If you are looking for an easy way to light up your coves, install LED light bars. For display shelves, fixtures with a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90 are available to make colors brighter and render more accurately. LED under cabinet light rated for damp locations are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and other locations where moisture may be present. If you countertops are granite, consider using Xenon under cabinet fixtures. These fixtures produce a white light that accurately renders color that helps the granite patterns stand out more.