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Coco - Part A and B - 5 Liter Thumbnail
Coco - Part A and B - 5 Liter Thumbnail

Coco - Part A and B - 5 Liter

Veg and Bloom Nutrient - Developed For Run to Waste in Coco Mediums - CANNA 9410005

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SKU: GROW-9410005

MPN (Part No.) 9410005
UPC 877696001372
Case Quantity 2
Volume 5 L


CANNA 9410005 Coco part A and B 5-liter is a complete 2-part nutrient for plants during the growth and flowering stages. CANNA Coco part A and B is composed of high value minerals, humic, and fulvic acids which gives the plants optimum nutrient absorption. This Coco nutrient works wonderfully when used in combination with a quality coco medium like CANNA Coco. Coco nutrient and media works best with run-to-waste or simple hand watering. Coco part A and B is easy to use. Just add part A first in the water then add an equal amount of part B, mix well and water your plants.