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Aqua Flores - Part A - 1 Liter

Bloom Nutrient - Developed For Recirculating Systems - CANNA 9510801

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Must Purchase and Use Aqua Flores Part B 1-Liter
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SKU: GROW-9510801

MPN (Part No.) 9510801
UPC 877696001563
Volume 1 L
Case Quantity 10


CANNA 9510801 Aqua Flores part A 1-liter is part of a complete 2-part nutrient for plants during the bloom cycle. CANNA Aqua is a line of nutrients that has been specifically developed for the use in hydroponic systems like NFT (nutrient film technique), DWC (deep water culture), aeroponics, ebb n flow or flood and drain, and drip systems. With these systems the drainage water is not removed but reused. The formula is made up so the plants regulate the pH themselves so that the pH in the nutrient tank always remains within the optimum pH range. Aqua Flores is rich in compounds such as silica, humic, and fulvic acids, which results in the plants being able to optimally absorb all nutrients. Aqua Flores part A is easy to use. Just add part A first in the water then add an equal amount of part B, mix well and water your plants.