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CANNA Start - 5 Liter

One-Part Nutrient - For Seedlings and Rooted Cuttings - (2-1-2) NPK Ratio - CANNA 9720005

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SKU: GROW-9720005

Brochures & Spec Sheets

MPN (Part No.) 9720005
UPC 8776900170
N-P-K Ratio 2-1-2
Volume 5 L
Case Quantity 2


CANNA 9720005 Start 5-liter is a unique, balanced, 1-part nutrient to meet the needs of seedlings and rooted cuttings. CANNA Start gives you all the primary, secondary and micro nutrients for a cutting or seedling to develop into a strong healthy plant. CANNA Start is a nutrient (not an additive for root development) and can be combined perfectly with a root stimulator like CANNA Rhizotonic. CANNA Start is meant for use on various propagation substrates like rockwool plugs, coco pellets, jiffy plugs, and soil or soilless mixes. This product is not suitable re-circulating systems and clone machines. CANNA Start links up perfectly with all other CANNA nutrients. Once cuttings are transplanted from plugs into the final medium, you switch from CANNA Start to the CANNA nutrient suitable for the medium you're growing in (TERRA, COCO, SUBSTRA or AQUA) for the remainder of the cycle.