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Bloom B - 1 Gallon Thumbnail
Bloom B - 1 Gallon Thumbnail

Bloom B - 1 Gallon

Flowering Nutrient - NPK 0.9-4.8-6.2 - Requires Bloom A (Sold Separately) - Cultured Solutions CSBLOOMBGAL

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Requires Bloom A (Sold Separately)
Not for Sale. Reference Only.

Brand na
Case Quantity 4
Use With Requires Bloom A
Volume 1 gal.
N-P-K Ratio 0.9-4.8-6.2


Cultured Solutions CSBLOOMBGAL Bloom B 1-gallon is part of a full spectrum (Bloom A sold separately), mineral salt based nutrient which contains all the elements necessary to produce prolific blooms and fruiting in your yard, garden or on the farm. CS Bloom combines all the macro and micro nutrients in their proper proportions, in a pH stable, chelated form which is ideal for high performance water culture applications. CS Bloom provides the optimal Nitrate to Ammoniacal Nitrogen ratio which ensures healthy growth without promoting excessive veg growth which can hinder and in many cases deter bud set and maturation in flowering plants. Bloom B is suitable for all hydroponics applications including Rockwool, NFT (nutrient film technique), DWC (deep water culture), RDWC recirculating deep water culture), Ebb-N-Flow and substrate based DTW (drain-to-waste) applications.