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1.5 cu. ft. - Growstone GS-2

1.5 cu. ft. - Growstone GS-2 Image

  • Soil Aerator

  • Growstone 714233

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SKU: GROW-714233

  • Soil Aerator

  • Growstone 714233


Eliminate over-watering and root rot when you use the Growstone 714233 soil aerator! This 1.5 cu. ft. bag of Growstone GS-2 is the finest plant mix for consistent plant development and healthy yields. Providing a highly effective balance between air and water content, this soil aerator can be blended into any soil to increase aeration, drainage, and eliminate compaction as Growstones do not break down over time. 

  • Uses up to 98 percent waste material, reducing environmental degradation
  • Does not float to the top of mixes and wash away when irrigated
  • Features a unique 50 to 30 percent air-to-water ratio
  • Ideal match for high water-holding soils
  • Reusable, non-toxic, and pH stable
1.5 cu. ft. - Growstone GS-2 Image 9 Liter - Gnat Nix Image
Description 1.5 cu. ft. - Growstone GS-2 9 Liter - Gnat Nix
Price $26.33 $14.50
Brand Growstone Growstone
MPN (Part No.) 714233 GPGC33CF
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Brochures & Spec Sheets

MPN (Part No.):714233
Safety Rating:Not Applicable
Made in USA:Yes
Material:Glass/Recycled Waste
Pebble Size:3/8 in. to 3/4 in.
Volume:1.5 cu.ft.
Weight:22 lbs.
Case Quantity:35