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GE UltraStart 73192 - 120/277 Volt - Programmed Start - Ballast Factor 1.0 - Power Factor 98% - Min. Temp. Rating 5 Deg. F - Operates (1 to 4) F54T5/HO Fluorescent Lamps
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GE UltraStart 73192

(4) Lamp - F54T5/HO - 120/277 Volt - Programmed Start - 1.0 Ballast Factor


The GE UltraStart line of T5 ballasts incorporates the benefits of programmed start ballasts with the energy savings, fast starting and parallel lamp operation of instant start ballasts. The GE 73192 electronic fluorescent ballast operates (4) F54T5/HO lamps at 120/277 input volts. Ideal for use in high light areas, this programmed start ballast is typically used in high bays, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.



  • UltraStart™ extends lamp life by 18% to greater than 200% versus instant start ballasts in frequently switched applications, saving you money in maintenance costs and replacement lamps
  • GE UltraStart™ ballasts operate at an industry high 90%+ efficiency. Traditional PS ballasts typically operate between 79–86%
  • The UltraStart™ T5 and UltraStart™ T8 XL and H ballasts can virtually “read” the incoming voltage and adapt automatically to any voltage from 108V to 305V
  • GE UltraStart™ T8 ballasts operate in parallel mode, meaning if one bulb goes out, others stay on
  • GE UltraStart™ T8 ballasts start in visually the same time as instant start ballasts (less than 0.7 seconds)—a significant improvement versus traditional PS ballasts

  • GE UltraStart™ is a new generation of T8 and T5 Programmed Start (PS) ballasts that addresses the growing demand for energy-saving strategies incorporating occupancy sensors and other automated light controls to meet strict energy legislation. Switching lights off when an area is unoccupied or filled with daylight makes sense from an energy-savings viewpoint and it is also recommended or required now by several energy regulations.

    These ballasts use a control circuit to apply very precise cathode heat to ensure that the cathodes have reached an optimum temperature during lamp starting. Precise starting significantly reduces the amount of cathode degradation associated with each start and increases lamp life significantly in frequently switched applications. GE has developed a line of PS ballasts that have the benefits of PS with the energy savings, fast starting and parallel operation convenience of instant start ballasts.


    Stock Code:  GE-73192
    Family:  UltraStart
    Order Code:  GE454MVPS90-G
    Voltage:  120/277
    Length:  16.7 in.
    Height:  1.2 in.
    Start Temp. (Min):  5 Deg. F
    Start Method:  Programmed Start
    Type:  Electronic Fluorescent
    CSA Listed:  No
    Warranty:  5 Years
    Brand:  GE UltraStart
    Part No.:  73192
    UPC:  043168731928
    Ballast Factor:  1
    Width:  2 in.
    Lamps Operated:  (4) Lamps
    Power Factor:  98%
    THD:  10%
    Weight:  3.2 lb.
    UL Listed:  Yes
    Case Quantity:  8

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