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Parallel Lamp Emergency Backup Battery - 90 min.
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Iota I-232 - Emergency Battery

Parallel Lamp Operation - 90 min. - 120/277 Volt


Functioning as both CFL ballast and battery backup, the Iota I-232 emergency backup battery will run a two fluorescent lights for up to 90 minutes at 1,400 lumens in the event of power loss. This backup works in place of a regular ballast and is compatible with 2 to 8-foot lamps wired in parallel. It operates at 120/277 volts and features a test switch with a charge indicator kit.

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Stock Code:  IOTA-I232
Part No.:  I-232
Length:  13.12 in.
Height:  1.5 in.
Lamps Operated:  (2) Lamps
Weight:  3.6 lb.
Case Quantity:  1
Brand:  Iota
Voltage:  120/277
Width:  2.37 in.
Emergency Operation:  90 Minutes
Max. Light Output:  1,400 Lumens
Warranty:  5 Years

International Voltages

IOTA Emergency Ballasts can be modified to accept various international voltage standards. International units are indicated by the emergency ballast model number followed by the specific voltage ratings of the unit. For example: I-32 240V 60Hz or ISL-540 220V 50Hz. Available international voltage options are 220 and 240V, and 50 or 60Hz.

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