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Wide Angle LED String
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12 ft. Stringer - (30) Wide Angle LED's - COLOR CHANGING - WARM WHITE, RED, GREEN

4 in. Spacing - Omni-Directional - Commercial Duty - GREEN Wire - 80 Set Connection


This season bring a traditional look to your holiday lighting with warm white and color changing wide angle LED mini lights. 35 bulbs are spaced 4 inches apart on 12 feet of green wire, making the string ideal to wrap topiaries and wreaths. Every 5th bulb changes color from green to red. UL listed for indoor and outdoor use, 80 sets can be combined end-to-end. The three-season warranty covers use for 30 days for each of three holiday seasons.


Stock Code:  S4-35LWAWWRDGTK
Part No.:  1100093
Voltage:  120
Bulbs Per String:  35
Bulb Shape:  5mm Wide Angle
Connection:  Male to Female
Lighted Length:  11.33 ft.
Total String Length:  12 ft.
Type:  LED Wide Angle Mini Lights
Wire Gauge:  22 AWG
Warranty:  3 Seasons
Brand:  SHL
Wattage:  2.4 Watt
Amperage:  0.02 Amps
Bulb Color:  Warm White, Red, and Green (Color Changing)
Bulb Spacing:  4 in.
Lead Length:  4 in.
Tail Length:  4 in.
Max. Connections:  80 Sets
Wire Color:  Green
UL Listed:  Indoor/Outdoor
Case Quantity:  12


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