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Mogul to Mogul Porcelain Socket Extension to 2-3/8 in. -  200 Deg. C - 600V - 4000V Pulse Rated - Used with Standard Metal Halide - Pulse Start Metal Halide - High Pressure Sodium Lamps
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Porcelain Socket Extension - PLT L8647

Mogul to Mogul - 2-3/8 in. - 200 Deg. C - 1500 Watt - 600V - 4000V Pulse Rated - For Standard MH, Pulse Start MH and HPS Lamps

This pulse-rated mogul to mogul porcelain socket extension is used with standard metal halide, pulse-start metal halide, and high pressure sodium lamps. It extends a mogul lamp 2-3/8 inches and is rated for 200 degrees Celsius. The socket extension is CSA certified (LR-1863) and features a durable, nickel-plated copper alloy screw shell and 4KV pulse rating.


Stock Code:  SOCK-L8647
Maximum Wattage:  1500 Watt
Material:  Porcelain
Brand:  PLT
Maximum Voltage:  4000 Volt
Socket Type:  Mogul (E39)

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