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50 Watt - Short Arc Mercury Lamp - Ushio 5000487
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Ushio 5000487 - 50 Watt

Short Arc Mercury Lamp

The Ushio 5000487 is a clear, short arc mercury lamp. These lamps are characterized by their tightly confined plasma discharge, high luminance, and ultra-stable arc. It operates at 50 watts. It features an enhanced electrode design for precise positioning and high arc stability. The Ushio 500487 50-watt bulb is designed for use in all 100W fluorescent microscope systems, lab equipment and UV applications.


Stock Code:  MV-5000487
Part No.:  5000487
Bulb Color:  Clear
Brand:  Ushio
Wattage:  50 Watt
Bulb Type:  Short Arc Mercury Lamp

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