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Dimming Controller for Rope Light
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Incandescent Dimming Controller

FlexTec WL-3DC


Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. The FlexTec incandescent rope light dimmer doesn't chase, flash, or throb to the beat of your favorite pop song. What is does do is dim, and it does that well. Plug one or two rope lights of any diameter or number of wires into one of the channels on the back. Set a mood by dimming each rope light independently with the knobs on the front. With a controller this simple, you can add custom functions to your controller with minimal effort.


Stock Code:  SIV-WL3DC
Part No.:  WL-3DC
Amperage:  5 Amps
Cord Length:  3 ft.
Case Quantity:  6
Brand:  FlexTec
Voltage:  120
Connection:  2 Wire
Use With:  Any 120V Dimmable Incandescent Rope Light

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