60 Watt LED Driver - 90-130 Volts AC to 12 Volts DC
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LED Driver - For Constant Current Products Only

Min/Max LED Wattage 60W - Min/Max LED Voltage 12V - Driver Input 90-130V - FlexTec MVB-12060P

This FlexTec 60-watt LED rope light driver is just the right tool to power your LED rope lights, as it transforms 90-130 volts down to 12 volts. Housed in aluminum, this waterproof unit is ideal for any outdoor rope lighting applications, from decks and patios to swimming pools, and can power over 30 feet of rope light. With a rating of IP66, this LED driver is the ideal choice for your outdoor rope lighting needs.


Stock Code:  LED-MVB12060P
Part No.:  MVB-12060P
Length:  7 in.
Height:  2.125 in.
Housing:  Aluminum
Maximum Wattage:  60 Watt
Rating:  IP66
Brand:  FlexTec
Amperage:  5 Amps
Width:  2.75 in.
Lead Length:  11.5 in.
Input Voltage:  90 to 130 Volt
Output Voltage:  12 Volt
UL Listed:  Indoor/Outdoor

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