12 Volt - 2 Ah - UB1220-T - AGM Battery

ST Terminal - Sealed AGM - UPG D2790

$10.42 ea
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12 Volt - 2 Ah - UB1220-T - AGM Battery

ST Terminal - Sealed AGM - UPG D2790

Premium quality absorbed glass mat technology (AGM) is ideal for ATVs, motorcycles, personal watercraft, and snowmobiles. The Adventure Power AGM Battery was designed for more than performance; it was designed for the enthusiast with more cranking power than our competitors' same sized battery. Adventure Power batteries are completely spillproof and leakproof. Frequent replacement and high maintenance are over! A one year warranty is also included for your peace of mind. The key to this technology is the porous microfiber separators, which completely absorb and trap electrolyte. Molded top and side connection terminals provide versatility, increased strength and durability. The Adventure Power AGM Battery provides the most power and best value in the industry.

LED Panels & Troffers


Stock Code:BAT-UB1220TST
Part No.:D2790
Chemistry:Sealed Lead Acid
Length:5.91 in.
Height:3.5 in.
Start Temp. (Max):104 Deg. F
Weight:1.54 lb.
Warranty:1 Year
Brand:Universal Power Group
Order Code:UB1220-T
Capacity:2 Ah
Width:0.79 in.
Start Temp. (Min):5 Deg. F
Shelf Life:6 Months
UL Listed:Yes
Case Quantity:20


Access Battery: SLA6120

ADT Security: 899953

AGT Battery: LA695

Alaris Medical: FUSION PUMPS 1995-1996 F, MP 900 SERIES (1995 1996 F, FUSION PUMPS 1995-1996 F, MP 800 SERIES (1995 1996 F

Alexander: GB6120

Atlite: 241004, PS695

B&B: BP13-6S

Batteries Plus: XP612

Brinkmann: 450008700

Carpenter: 610850R000, A074


Chloride: 100001, 1000010044, 1000010113, 100N67, 6V110AH, GC690, GC960, TMF50TV2

CSB/Prism: GH695

Douglas Guardian: DG6-12A, DG6-9.5A

Dual Lite: 12294, 12612, A74TN2

Dyna Cell: WP956

Dyna Ray: S18201

Eagle Pitcher: CF12V9, CF6V14, CF6V9, CF6V95, CFM6V12, CFM6V2, CVM6V12

ELS: C10, EDS1295S, EDS6120, EDS695

Elsar: 414, 418, 420, 2330, 2334, 16222

Emergilite: 80019, 12DSE54, 12JSM54, 12KSM4, 12KSM6, 12LC2002, 12LSM110, 12LSM11001, 12LSM162, 12LSM220B, 12LSM4, 12LSM54, 12LSM6, 12LSM7, 12M1, 12M4, 12M4CS, 12M6, 12M6G, 12M7, 12M8, 12MC, 24M6G, 24M8, 6JSM3, 6KSM3, 6KSM4, 6KSM5, 6KSM6, 6LSM3, 6LSM4, 6LSM5, 6LSM6, 6M4, 6M4CS, 6M5, 6M6, 6MB, 6TSM3, 6TSM4, JSM27, JSM272, JSM42, KSM272, LSM542, M3019, M3G, M4, M5, TSM 1102, TSM 27, TSM272, TSM54

Emerson: AP160, 3KVA

Fire Lite: CG0600S

Gamewell: 69114

General Scanning: RS252 CHANNEL RECORDER

Interstate Batteries: BSL0975

Johnson Controls: GC6120, GC690, GC695, JC6100, JC6120, JC695

Light Alarms: 8500015, 6RPG3, 5N31HW, 6RPG3H, 2F12G1, CE15AR, CE15AT

Lintronics: MX06095

Lithonia: CF1822, ELB0609, ELB0610/12, ELB0612, ELB06122, ELB0690, ELB1212, ELG4, ELR2, ELR4, ELU2, ELU28, ELU2BTY, ELU2C, ELU2CM, ELU2P, ELU2X, ELU3C, ELU3CM, ELU3X, EMB20609, EMB2060901

MK Battery: ES12-6RND, ES12-6S

National Battery: C18B, C18BD, C18C, C25AD

National Power Corporation: 30045, GS025R1, GS030R1, GS036R1

Newmax: FNC695

Parmak: 901, 90 POWERHOUSE

Power Cell: PC6120

Power House: 901

Power Patrol: SLA0975

Power Star Batteries: GB6120, GB695

Powersonic: PS-6120TOY, PS-695

Quantum: WP956

R & D Batteries: 5377

Sentry Lite: PM695

Storage Battery Systems: S6120, S695

Sure Light: 26000A08, 2654, SL2654

Teal: 1180023, 1180066, B8, B86, S68, S686

Technacell: EP6120, EP612001, EP61201, EP695, EP69501, EP6951, TC6120, TC695

Teledyne Big Beam: 2BR6S20, 2CL12S10, 2CL6S10, 2CL6S20, 2IL12S10, 2IL6S20, 2IM6S10, 2IQ6S20, 2MQ6S10, 2RL6S10PH, 2RL6S10R, S68, SC6G16, SC6G8, SQ6S10, 1180013, 1180065, 2RQ6S20, 2SC6S10, 2SC6S20, 2SE6S10, 2SE6S20, 6CG9, B8, C12018A, CC9181E, CO6252E, ET6S10, ET6S16, ET6S8, GC690, H2BR12S10, H2ET6S10, H2IM6S10, H2MQ6S10, H2PHE12S20, H2PHE6S20, H2PHE6S40, H2RL6S10, H2RQ12S10, H2SC12S10, H2SC5S10, H2SC616, H2SC6S20, HRSC6G16, HRSC6G8, HSC6G16, HSC6G8, RSC6G16, RSC6G8, S610

Tork: 75D

Toro Mfg. Co.: 70, 51556, 8040394, 02058N

Toys: 40140, 80695, 85300, EP6120 W/PLUG, CF6V9 W/PLUG, CF6V9.5S2, CF6V9S1 W/PLUG, CF80400, KIDS RIDING TOYS, TYPE H

Trio Lighting: TL930011, TL930018

Union Battery: MX06095, PW0609.5, PW0612

Universal Battery: UB13-6 TOY


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