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Multi Application Clips

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Multi Application Clips Image
Multi Application Clips Image

  • Holds C7, C9, Mini Christmas Lights

  • 50 Pack

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  • Holds C7, C9, Mini Christmas Lights

  • 50 Pack


The Multi Application clear light clip is the perfect accessory to hang your lighting sets this holiday season. Easily attachable to shingles, tile roofs, or gutters, the 50 clips will hold C7, C9, and Mini Christmas lights. The secondary hook is designed to hold any insulated electrical cord without causing damage. The All-in-One clips give you lighting flexibility without having to change your clips to accommodate your lights.

Helpful Hints

  1. Begin by measuring the areas you want to decorate. Spacing on miniature light sets varies between two to three lights per foot. When using miniature light strings to create an icicle effect, the number of lights required per linear foot of roofline is determined by length of icicle "drop" you use. "Drops" averaging 18" in length and 6" apart, will require about 14 lights per linear foot of roofline. Remember to complete a "drop", the light string hangs down and must run back up. Estimate one clip per "drop".
  2. Locate your electrical outlets before installing lights. It's easiest to light a home by starting near the middle and running lights in both directions.
  3. Estimate the electrical requirements for your installation. The total current draw in amperes can be estimated by adding the current of all strings powered from a single outlet. The current rating of each light string should be marked on the product or on its packaging. The number of Christmas light strings you can connect will depend upon the capacity of the circuit in amperes, and what household loads are already connected to that circuit.
  4. To run electrical power long distances, use heavy extension cords. Use electrical cords of sufficient length to avoid stringing cords together. Try to anticipate areas where water or snow might accumulate and locate connections away from such areas. Connections are best located in sheltered areas, such as beneath overhangs. Be sure to secure cords against excessive movement due to wind, etc. Do not use any fastener that has the potential to damage the cord insulation. The secondary hook on the Lites, All-in-One PLUS Clips and Icicle Clips can be used for this purpose.
  5. Inspect and test your light strings prior to installation. Do not use light sets with cracked insulation or damaged cords. Replaced C7 and C9 lamps only with lamps of the same wattage as the original lamp, or in the case of miniature lights, lamps of the same voltage rating.
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Description Multi Application Clips Parapet Clips All In One Clips Magnetic Clip C7 or C9 Combo Clips
Price $4.59 $6.70 $10.91 $12.49 $13.40
Brand Christmas Lite Co. SHL HLS HLS HLS
MPN (Part No.) CCH0501050102 39007 39032 MAGCLIP-C7 39006
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Brochures & Spec Sheets

Brand:Christmas Lite Co.
MPN (Part No.):CCH0501050102
Bulbs Included:No
Mounting:Shingles and Gutters
Use With:C7, C9, Swag, Tube, Icicle, Mini Lights
Package Quantity:50