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Christmas Lights
5.5 ft. Christmas Tree
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5.5 ft. x 42 in. Artificial Christmas Tree

Albany Spruce - 617 Realistic Molded Tips - 300 Clear Mini Lights - Vickerman A114556


With the rich look and feel of a fresh-cut Fir, you'll hardly notice that Vickerman's Albany Spruce is an artificial Christmas tree. The tips of each limb are made of injection-molded polyethylene, making them virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Contains a fresh olive green color, as if freshly cut from the far outskirts of a snowy mountain. Finally, because any Christmas tree isn't complete without lights, this beautiful 5 1/2 foot tree is pre-lit with 300 clear Dura-Lit incandescent bulbs that are precisely woven through each branch.


Dura-Lit brand patented technology utilizes a microprocessor inside each socket to manage power flow and power consumption to each bulb independently. The chip manages the maximum wattage to each bulb even when multiple bulbs are burned out, broken, twisted or removed. Dura-Lit technology is recommended for use in applications where the light string cannot be checked regularly for burned out bulbs, buildings with fluctuating power and installs where a light string failure needs to be avoided.



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