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Rope Light - T-Connector - 5/8 in. - 2W
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5/8 in. - Rope Light (T) Connector

2 Wire - FlexTec IU22


This rope light T-connector gives you ultimate creative control of your rope light layout. This T-connector is for use with 5/8-inch, 2-wire rope lights and gives you the ability to connect up to three strands of rope light, allowing you to customize a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or game room with any combination of rope lights. It can be used with 12, 24, or 120 volt rope lights and is perfect for lining walls and accenting corners or connecting different color rope light strands to create unique lighting and wall designs. As this is not a compression connector, we recommend using silicone to seal the gap between rope light and connector after installation.


Stock Code:  SIV-IU22
Part No.:  IU22
Diameter:  0.625 in.
Connection:  2 Wire

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